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Répertoire de la musique indépendantiste

Mononc'Serge - Canada is not my country

Mon voyage au Canada Frenchmen came from France
To exterminate indians
Satisfy their appetite for genocide
They proliferated like vermin
So today we are millions
Dreaming of destruction
Waiting for secession
Preparing the final assault
To avenge the plains of Abraham insult

Dreaming of pogroms and referendums
Reading Mein Kampf and Lionel Groulx' anthology
Not giving a shit about the right of minorities
To ignore our half-dead tongue, you know we're wrong
Why don't you open your eyes
And you will see that Canada is not our country

How do you want me to identify
With a country where human rights are king
An open minded land where multi-culturism is the thing
Don't you see my heart is full of hatred
Retrograde ideas, racist beliefs
There is no place there for a maple leaf
Between two mouthfulls of pea soup
I count my munitions, I polish my .22

I wanna crush this miserable beaver under my thumb
Strangle ministers, wear brown shirts, plant bombs
I like the sound of the boots in the military march
And the Parti Québécois membership cards
Why don't you set me free, why don't you see
That Canada is not my country

Canada, Canada
Canada is not my country

Paroles : Serge Robert

Tous droits réservés © 2001 Mononc'Serge
(Mon voyage au Canada)

Dernière modification : 17 octobre 2014

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