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Répertoire de la musique indépendantiste

Loco Locass - ROC rap

In Vivo When it's time to set our minds
And to combine rap and ROC*
Our rhymes are the finest of the fine
To define this nation of mine Hey !
Canada is the land of law, land of all
Where you're from, who you are, it doesn't matter at all
History's the landlord, lad, of a LOBLAWS:
Go choose your language, your culture or your coleslaw
Individual integrity is the whole idea of this community
YOU are the king nitty-gritty of this oh so great country
And we don't heed the easy mockery
That we still hide here under monarchy
God saves the Queen but not the Twin towers
This new millennium is our hour
I want to hear you sing louder, louder
That we are, here, now and for ever and ever

One voice
Under one flag, one choice
Top ever better best country, the Rolls Royce

In this short essay, you will see that we say USA
Are NRA gun nuts
Who sit their big butts at every Pizza Hut
Greez! These obese species, are close to implose
At this point of no return
They don't even need Iraqi's hara-kiris to burn
America would never scream its confession
But we know its secret dream is
To be like our federation
'Cause we are


On my back pack
I've got my flag tacked
Even in Bagdad
Saddam's like "Hey, the pal's back!"
Get down to brass tacks
Canada's fantastic
I don't know, ask Nasdaq about it
Canucks kick ass, no doubt about it!
So when I hear those French fucks saying
" Let's mock, Saran wrap the ROC around the clock ! "
I'm like: let's call the cops, Sheila's the tops
Look and see how she maple spread me
My ass, and my family
Really, this province of Quebec
Is a pain in my ass and in my red neck !
See me savying it out loud on this CD deck :
We should throw those loners over the deck !


Canada Day is everyday

*Rest Of Canada

Paroles : GRC

Tous droits réservés © 2003 Loco Locass
(In Vivo)

Dernière modification : 17 octobre 2014

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